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Sting (2024). 1h 31m | R

“This is a horror movie for sure, if you like horror movies I recommend this one. As the title says, I went into it without knowing very much and that was a good thing. I wonu0026#39;t ruin that here. You know itu0026#39;s about a spider and a little girl, that much is from the cover. Is that spider good or bad, is the girl bad, are they friends, these are the things I had no idea about and kept it that way until I had a chance to see it in the theater. I would say this could probably wait for a streaming viewing or DVD/Blu-ray if thatu0026#39;s still a thing. The special effects are good, but itu0026#39;s not the type of movie that warrants a larger screen than most people have in their homes these days. If you like horror, give this one a go and try not to read too much on it so you can be surprised as well. If not, itu0026#39;s still good and worth a watch. There is blood, there is some gore and itu0026#39;s a great time.”


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