Cichonga (2013)

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Cichonga (2013). 1h 5m

“When I went to BARS festival in Buenos Aires to see this movie, a few minutes before the beginning the Director (one of them) Esteban Rojas said ¨this movie was made in a few days, between takes from another movie, just for the BARS festival and basically for fun¨ enough said, because the results are really lame, a simple and almost childish story – nothing wrong with that – told without any trace of even remote creativity or laughing moments, trying desperately to be fun and stealing almost everything from the Tarantino and Rodriguez movies, but failing miserably… Overacting as a standard, the cast of u0026quot;actorsu0026quot; try to get over with a script full of eructs, farts, vomit, urine, one location more dirty and grouse than the other, but all of this iu0026#39;ts so funny, right? like the rival of Cichonga: Mr Pancho… because he likes to eat panchos!!! so funny!!! and Dr Loco… my God this is so smart!! Anyway, this piece of garbage last 65 minutes and believe me it was soo long and boring, please Esteban Rojas hide this pile of crap that you and your drunk partners did in your spare time and pay a little respect to the BARS festival…”


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