Beautiful Disaster (2023)

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Beautiful Disaster (2023). Beautiful Disaster: Directed by Roger Kumble. With Libe Barer, Neil Bishop, Michael Cudlitz, Micky Dartford. College freshman, Abby, tries to distance herself from her dark past while resisting her attraction to bad boy, Travis.

“Me and my friends bought tickets because we hadnu0026#39;t see Dylan Sprouse on the big screen in a while. He was the best part of After We Collided, and he proved again to have great comedic timing. The chemistry between Travis (Dylan) and Abby worked great. The forbidden relationship, him being the guy thatu0026#39;s terrible for her and for him sheu0026#39;s the girl he can never have. Itu0026#39;s a classic premise but it feels fresh with risky comedic bits that although maybe a little tired havenu0026#39;t been tried in a long time. This movie may be a lot of things, but one thing it isnu0026#39;t is timid. It goes for the JOKES. Itu0026#39;s not afraid to laugh at itself. Watching it in theaters was definitely the move for my group. Itu0026#39;d been a while since we could go and laugh together, at the bits intended to be funny and some that arenu0026#39;t meant to be funny.”


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