MacArthur (1977) 6.6

MacArthur (1977)

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Storyline:The story of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander during World War II and United Nations Commander for the Korean War. "MacArthur" begins in 1942, following the fall of Phillipines...

The Boss Baby (2017) 6.3

The Boss Baby (2017)

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Storyline:Seven-year-old Tim Templeton has always had an overactive imagination--and for the past seven years--life has been all peaches for him, getting all the love and affection from his caring parents. However, af...

K-911 (Video 1999) 5.7

K-911 (Video 1999)

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Storyline:Mike Dooley has been teamed up with Jerry Lee, a German Shepherd dog, for nearly ten years, but Jerry Lee isn't as young as he once was, and Dooley's superiors suggest that maybe it's time that Jerry Lee was...

Detention (2011) 5.8

Detention (2011)

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Storyline:This comedy/horror movie centers about a group of teens who go to Grizzly Lake High School. When one of their classmates is killed by someone dressed up as 'Cinderhella' (a character from a popular horror mo...

White Girl (2016) 5.7

White Girl (2016)

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Storyline:Summer, New York City. A college girl falls hard for a guy she just met. After a night of partying goes wrong, she goes to wild extremes to get him back.User Reviews: Unlike most reviewers I saw this movie w...

Scum of the Earth (1963) 5.5

Scum of the Earth (1963)

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Storyline:Kim Sherwood is a young naive teenager who is asked by a friend to model for a shady photographer named Harmon. The photographer works for an unscrupulous businessman who is in league with a local Miami teen...

Apprentice (2016) 6.5

Apprentice (2016)

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Storyline:Aiman is a 28-year-old Malay correctional officer who is recently transferred to the territory's top prison. He lives with his older sister Suhaila in a modest housing estate. At his new workplace, Aiman beg...

Walker (1987) 6.6

Walker (1987)

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Storyline:William Walker and his mercenary corps enter Nicaragua in the middle of the 19th century in order to install a new government by a coup d'etat. All is being financed by an American multimillionaire who has h...

How to Murder Your Wife (1965) 6.6

How to Murder Your Wife (1965)

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Storyline:Stanley Ford leads an idyllic bachelor life. He is a nationally syndicated cartoonist whose Bash Brannigan series provides him with a luxury townhouse and a full-time valet, Charles. When he wakes up the mor...

The Singing Detective (2003) 5.6

The Singing Detective (2003)

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Storyline:"While hospitalized with an extreme case of psoriasis, novelist Dan Dark reworks his first book in his head. Feverish, paranoid and prone to musical outbreaks, he confuses himself with his protagonist, a det...

Adult Life Skills (2016) 6.2

Adult Life Skills (2016)

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Storyline:Anna is stuck: she's approaching 30, living like a hermit in her mum's garden shed and wondering why the suffragettes ever bothered. She spends her days making videos using her thumbs as actors - thumbs that...

I Am Heath Ledger (2017) 7.4

I Am Heath Ledger (2017)

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Storyline:I Am Heath Ledger is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger: actor, artist and icon. The documentary provides an intimate look at Heath Ledger through the lens of his own camera as...

D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) 5.4

D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996)

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Storyline:In the third episode of this series, the Ducks get scholarships to Eden Hall Academy, a high ranking prep school. But as freshmen, they will have to face the snob varsity team... Written by S...

Kicks (2016) 6.3

Kicks (2016)

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Storyline:Fifteen-year-old Brandon longs for a pair of the freshest sneakers that money can buy, assuming that merely having them on his feet will help him escape the reality of being poor, neglected by the opposite s...

Song to Song (2017) 5.7

Song to Song (2017)

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Storyline:Two intersecting love triangles. Obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.User Reviews: "Song to Song" (2017 release; 129 min.) brings the story of Faye. As the movie ope...

Pipe Dream (2015) 4.2

Pipe Dream (2015)

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Storyline:A story of two wannabe Schoolies on the Gold Coast during a state-wide crackdown on drugs. The boys stumble upon a stash of "weed", and through the misguidance of an older brother trying to replace his earli...

All Nighter (2017) 5.7

All Nighter (2017)

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Storyline:Six months after that awkward introductory dinner with the tough and workaholic father of his girlfriend Ginnie, Martin, a talented but broke banjo musician, finds Mr Gallo knocking on his door looking for h...

The Age of Shadows (2016) 7.1

The Age of Shadows (2016)

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Storyline:Set in the late 1920s, The Age of Shadows follows the cat-and-mouse game that unfolds between a group of resistance fighters trying to bring in explosives from Shanghai to destroy key Japanese facilities in ...

Manhunter (1986) 7.2

Manhunter (1986)

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Storyline:Will Graham is a former FBI agent who recently retired to Florida with his wife Molly and their young son. Graham was a 'profiler'; one who profiles criminal's behavior and tries to put his mind into the min...

Barry Munday (2010) 5.9

Barry Munday (2010)

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Storyline:Barry: he slacks off at work, savors one-nights stands, and is getting older (young people call him "sir"). Then, he loses his testicles in an assault and gets a letter saying he's to become a father. He can...

Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987) 6.5

Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987)

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Storyline:Realistic story of working class Yorkshire life. Two schoolgirls have a sexual fling with a married man. Serious and light-hearted by turns.User Reviews: Where do i start? I brought my fiancé this DVD becaus...

Who’s Minding the Store? (1963) 6.8

Who’s Minding the Store? (1963)

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Storyline:Barbara is a very rich girl who falls in love with Norman Phiffier, a poor young man. She doesn't tell him who she really is and prepares to marry him. But, Mrs. Tuttle (Barbara's mother) doesn't want her da...

Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) 6.7

Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)

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Storyline:To prove that he still is strong and powerful, Philippe Douvier decides to kill Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Once Clouseau's death has been announced, the former Chief Inspector, Charles Dreyfus, feels ...

Ride the High Country (1962) 7.5

Ride the High Country (1962)

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Storyline:Aging ex-marshal Steve Judd is hired by a bank to transport a gold shipment through dangerous territory. He hires an old partner, Gil Westrum, and his young protege Heck to assist him. Steve doesn't know, ho...