Zwei Superpflaumen in der Unterwelt (1986)

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Zwei Superpflaumen in der Unterwelt: Directed by Brian De Palma. With Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo, Harvey Keitel, Ray Sharkey. Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are both errand boys for the Mob. When they lose two hundred fifty thousand dollars, they are set up to kill each other. But they run off to Atlantic City, and comedy follows.

“Iu0026#39;ve just caught it on TCM and canu0026#39;t wait the 5 weeks till it comes out on DVD. This is a gangster spoof at its best, full of lovable characters well played by top actors of the mob genre. Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo make a great loser couple, Dan Hedaya stars as the dreary mob boss, whose henchmen include Frank Vincent and hilarious Lou Albano that steals every scene heu0026#39;s in. We even get to see Harvey Keitel in a classy supporting role! The plot is simple and has been done before and after, but rarely with such charm and lightness. With a current rating of 5.2, itu0026#39;s a severely underrated gangster comedy able to deliver entertaining evening for every fan of the genre.”


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