Theory of Obscurity: A Film About the Residents (2015) 6.9

Theory of Obscurity: A Film About the Residents (2015)

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Storyline:Theory of Obscurity tells the story of the renegade sound and video collective known as The Residents. A story that spans 40 years and is clouded in mystery. Many details surrounding the group are secret, in...

L.A. Slasher (2015) 3.6

L.A. Slasher (2015)

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Storyline:Driven to rage over the tawdry excesses of reality television, a self-appointed cultural crusader kidnaps several very famous nobodies to make his point- but his crimes only generate more tabloid frenzy. ...

Metallica Through the Never (2013) 7.2

Metallica Through the Never (2013)

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Storyline:A young Metallica roadie named Trip (Dane DeHaan) embarks on an apocalyptic journey through a decimated urban landscape as the band plays to a sold-out arena crowd in this high-concept concert film from dire...

Basket Case (1982) 6.2

Basket Case (1982)

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Storyline:Charming country bumpkin Duane Bradley takes a motel room in New York with a basket and a backpack. In a flash back-series we learn the basket contains his surgically removed Siamese twin who is not only phy...

Speedy (1928) 7.7

Speedy (1928)

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Storyline:"Speedy" loses his job as a soda-jerk, then spends the day with his girl at Coney Island. He then becomes a cab driver and delivers Babe Ruth to Yankee Stadium, where he stays to see the game. When the railr...

The Deadly Bees (1966) 3.6

The Deadly Bees (1966)

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Storyline:Pop singer Vicki Robbins collapses from exhaustion while shooting the 1960s equivalent of a music video, and her physician prescribes a respite on Seagull Island with colleague and beekeeper Ralph Hargrove. ...

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995) 7.3

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

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Storyline:Glenn Holland is a musician and composer who takes a teaching job to pay the rent while, in his 'spare time', he can strive to achieve his true goal - compose one memorable piece of music to leave his mark o...

The War Room (1993) 7.4

The War Room (1993)

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Storyline:A behind-the-scenes documentary about the Clinton for President campaign, focusing on the adventures of spin doctors James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. Bill Clinton himself is almost never seen. ...

The Eves (2012) 4.3

The Eves (2012)

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Storyline:A group of students are en route to the beach for spring break when their car overheats near a crumbling hunting lodge, leaving them alone and defenseless while an unseen force attacks them from all sides.Us...

The Danish Girl (2015) 7.1

The Danish Girl (2015)

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Storyline:Copenhagen, Denmark, 1926. Einar Wegener (played by Eddie Redmayne) and his wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) are a happily married couple. Both are artists, Einar preferring landscapes and she portraits. One day...

The Big Sleep (1946) 8

The Big Sleep (1946)

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Storyline:The Big Sleep is the story of private investigator Philip Marlowe, who is hired by a wealthy general to find out and stop his youngest daughter Carmen from being blackmailed about her gambling debts. Almost ...

Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) 6.9

Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)

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Storyline:James Garner plays a ladies' man who ends up on the run from a conquest. He has an embarrassing problem that requires a doctor, but that is not immediately disclosed. He and a town barsweep form a plot to im...

River of No Return (1954) 6.7

River of No Return (1954)

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Storyline:Matt Calder, who lives on a remote farm with his young son Mark, helps two unexpected visitors who lose control of their raft on the nearby river. Harry Weston is a gambler by profession and he is racing to ...

The Dressmaker (2015) 7.1

The Dressmaker (2015)

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Storyline:Based on Rosalie Ham's best selling novel, The Dressmaker is the story of femme fatale Tilly Dunnage who returns to her small home town in the country to right the wrongs of the past. A stylish drama with co...

Room (2015) 8.2

Room (2015)

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Storyline:ROOM tells the extraordinary story of Jack, a spirited 5-year-old who is looked after by his loving and devoted mother. Like any good mother, Ma dedicates herself to keeping Jack happy and safe, nurturing hi...

Witness to Murder (1954) 6.7

Witness to Murder (1954)

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Storyline:Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) sees a murder through her bedroom window, but no one will believe her. She is stalked by the suave killer ('George Sanders'), who first takes steps to convince police she is ...

Standoff (2016) 6.1

Standoff (2016)

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Storyline:Carter (Thomas Jane), a troubled veteran, gets a chance at redemption by protecting a 12-year-old girl from an assassin (Laurence Fishburne) after she witnesses a murder. Holding a shotgun with a single shel...

The Editor (2014) 6

The Editor (2014)

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Storyline:Rey Ciso was once the greatest editor the world had ever seen. Since a horrific accident left him with four wooden fingers on his right hand, he's had to resort to cutting pulp films and trash pictures. When...

Unstoppable (2004) 5

Unstoppable (2004)

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Storyline:Dean Cage is a former CIA operative who suffers from extreme PTSD. While in a program to resolve the stress of the loss his future brother-in-law Scott, he plans to meet Scott's sister at a diner to discuss ...

It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004) 7.4

It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

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Storyline:Its All Gone Pete Tong is a comedy following the tragic life of legendary Frankie Wilde. The story takes us through Frankie's life from one of the best DJ's alive, through subsequent battle with a hearing di...

War and Peace (1956) 6.8

War and Peace (1956)

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Storyline:By 1812, Napoleon's (Herbert Lom's) forces controlled much of Europe. Russia, one of the few countries still unconquered, prepares to face Napoleon's troops together with Austria. Amongst the Russian soldier...

Open Season: Scared Silly (Video 2015) 5.2

Open Season: Scared Silly (Video 2015)

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Storyline:OPEN SEASON: SCARED SILLY opens with Elliot telling a campfire story about the legend of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf that lives in Timberline National Forest. Domesticated Boog is terrified by the story and ...

Monster’s Ball (2001) 7.1

Monster’s Ball (2001)

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Storyline:Set in the Southern United States, 'Monster's Ball' is a tale of a racist white man, Hank, who falls in love with a black woman named Leticia. Ironically Hank is a prison guard working on Death Row who execu...

Brooklyn (2015) 7.5

Brooklyn (2015)

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Storyline:Ireland, early-1950s. Eilis Lacey is a young woman working in a grocery shop. She has greater ambitions and moves to Brooklyn, New York, leaving her mother and sister, Rose, behind. She is terribly homesick ...