Paper Man (2009) 6.6

Paper Man (2009)

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Storyline:A coming-of-middle-age comedy that chronicles the unlikely friendship between failed author Richard Dunne and a Long Island teen who teaches him a thing or two about growing up, all under the disapproving ey...

The Walk (2015) 7.3

The Walk (2015)

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Storyline:Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man - Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - has ever, or will ever, walk in the immense void between the World Trade Center towers. Guided by his real-li...

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989) 5.2

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

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Storyline:Angela is back, in the form of an angry inner-city camper on the hunt for blood. Camp New Horizons, on the recycled grounds of the former murders, intends to pair high class teens with underclass counterpart...

Muppets from Space (1999) 6.3

Muppets from Space (1999)

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Storyline:After Gonzo receives messages from his breakfast cereal, he determines that he is an alien and tries to contact his alien brethren, but is captured by an overzealous secret government agency determined to pr...

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007) 5.2

Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

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Storyline:In a tree farm, three musically inclined chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, find their tree cut down and sent to Los Angeles. Once there, they meet the frustrated songwriter David Seville, and despite a p...

Sinister 2 (2015) 5.3

Sinister 2 (2015)

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Storyline:Following the events from the first film, a different family; a mother and her 2 sons move into a rural house that's marked for death. When the deputy from the first film learns that this family is next in l...

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) 6.3

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

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Storyline:A reckless janitor accidentally releases a zombie from a laboratory of research. Meanwhile, the teenagers scouts Ben Goudy and Carter Grant decide to camp for the last time since they are too old to be scout...

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) 6.7

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

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Storyline:The Drac pack is back for an all-new monster comedy adventure in Sony Pictures Animation's Hotel Transylvania 2! Everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania... Dracula's rigid monste...

The Visit (2015) 6.2

The Visit (2015)

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Storyline:Two children spend a week at their grandparents' house while their single mom goes on a relaxing vacation with her boyfriend. Becca decides to film a documentary about her grandparents to help her mom reconn...

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) 6.8

The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

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Storyline:Self-made billionaire Thomas Crown is bored of being able to buy everything he desires. Being irresistible to women, he also does not feel any challenge in that area. But there are a few things even he can't...

The Condemned (2007) 6.1

The Condemned (2007)

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Storyline:The story of Jack Conrad, who is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison. He is "purchased" by a wealthy television producer and taken to a desolate island where he must fight to the ...

Knight of Cups (2015) 5.7

Knight of Cups (2015)

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Storyline:Rick is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, California. While he's successful in his career, his life feels empty. Haunted by the death of one brother and the dire circumstances of the other, he finds temp...

Thelma & Louise (1991) 7.4

Thelma & Louise (1991)

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Storyline:Louise is working in a diner as a waitress and has some problems with her boyfriend Jimmy, who, as a musician, is always on the road. Thelma is married to Darryl who likes his wife to stay quiet in the kitch...

Comin’ at Ya! (1981) 5.1

Comin’ at Ya! (1981)

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Storyline:Tragedy strikes as two ruthless brothers kidnap a bride during her wedding. Hurt and angry, H.H. begins his quest to find the love he lost, and take vengeance upon the wicked. Comin' at Ya.User Reviews: I sa...

Oliver Twist (2005) 6.9

Oliver Twist (2005)

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Storyline:In the Nineteenth Century, orphan Oliver Twist is sent from the orphanage to a workhouse, where the children are mistreated and barely fed. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe ...

Seven Thieves (1960) 6.6

Seven Thieves (1960)

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Storyline:In Monte Carlo, Theo Wilkins recruits his young protégé Paul Mason - just released from prison - to help him rob the famous casino of $4 million. The plan is straightforward. On the night of the Governor's B...

The Blue Lagoon (1980) 5.7

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

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Storyline:On a journey to San Francisco, Richard, his father and cousin Emmeline find themselves on a ship about to explode. Rushed to a lifeboat with Paddy Button, the two children escape while their father (and uncl...

Riot (2015) 5.2

Riot (2015)

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Storyline:Copper Jack Stone purposefully orchestrates a bank robbery in order to be thrown into prison with the notorious Russian kingpin Balam. Balam is more than just a mob criminal; he's a very cunning and dangerou...

Irrational Man (2015) 6.6

Irrational Man (2015)

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Storyline:A new philosophy professor arrives on a small town campus near Newport, Rhode Island. His name, Abe Lucas. His reputation : bad. Abe is said to be a womanizer and an alcoholic. But what people do not know is...

That Evening Sun (2009) 7.1

That Evening Sun (2009)

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Storyline:An aging farmer fights to keep the home that is rightfully his after fleeing from a nursing home and discovering that his son has leased the family farm to his old nemesis. Placed in a nursing home by his so...

Ride the Pink Horse (1947) 7.3

Ride the Pink Horse (1947)

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Storyline:In the bordertown of San Pablo, preparing for an annual 'Mexican Fiesta,' arrives Gagin: tough, mysterious and laconic. His mission: to find the equally mysterious Frank Hugo, evidently for revenge; or is it...

Everest (2015) 7.1

Everest (2015)

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Storyline:On the morning of May 10, 1996, climbers from two commercial expeditions start their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. With little warning, a violent storm strikes ...

Fatherland (TV Movie 1994) 6.5

Fatherland (TV Movie 1994)

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Storyline:In a world where the Nazis won the Second World War, Germany has corralled all European countries into a single state called Germania, and continues fighting against the Soviet Union. It is now 1964 and Germ...

Roar (1981) 6.3

Roar (1981)

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Storyline:Ravening jungle beasts assemble in flocks to invade an otherwise quiet home where they terrorize the visiting family of their keeper. Written by alfiehitchie & tipsyheadrinseUser Reviews:...