Santa Girl (2019) 0.0

Santa Girl (2019)

Storyline:Santa's daughter gets a chance to attend college for one semester in the 'real' world before heading back to the North Pole to fulfill her duties under her father.User Reviews:

The Killer (1989) 7.8

The Killer (1989)

Storyline:Mob assassin Jeffrey is no ordinary hired gun; the best in his business, he views his chosen profession as a calling rather than simply a job. So, when beautiful nightclub chanteuse Jennie is blinded in the ...

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019) 3.8

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019)

Storyline:A legendary demon hunter, tracking down the beasts that enter the human dimension, assisted by a lawman protege and a motley group of friendly monsters.User Reviews:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) 7.2

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Storyline:Captain Jack Sparrow works his way out of a blood debt with the ghostly Davey Jones, he also attempts to avoid eternal damnation.User Reviews:

The Last Request (2006) 4.3

The Last Request (2006)

Storyline:Pop's last request is for his sons to continue the family name. When his brother dies trying, Jeff leaves the seminary and encounters crazy women and odd ball characters.User Reviews:

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) 6.4

Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

Storyline:Dragon Tiger Gate is a 2006 Hong Kong martial arts-action film directed by Wilson Yip and featuring fight choreography by Donnie Yen, who also stars in the film. The film is based on the popular Hong Kong ma...

Macbeth (2006) 4.1

Macbeth (2006)

Storyline:Macbeth, loyal to his crime boss, Duncan, is told by witches that he will one day take over. Driven by their prophecy, he and his wife plot to kill Duncan, and takes the leadership of the gang for himself. M...

Shanghai Fortress (2019) 1.0

Shanghai Fortress (2019)

Storyline:Set in the future, the city of Shanghai battle to defend itself against an ongoing attack by an alien force that has attacked and laid siege to numerous cities around the globe in it's quest to harvest a hid...

Suburban Coven (2019) 0.0

Suburban Coven (2019)

Storyline:After a traumatic accident, newlyweds seeking help for their sexual dysfunction are pulled into a dangerous game with their neighbors that may cost them their lives.User Reviews:

The King’s Letters (2019) 8.5

The King’s Letters (2019)

Storyline:In the 15th century, despite so many accomplishments he has made for the people, King Sejong, his biggest goal is still remaining; the invention of original letters that can be read and written by all the pe...

Love Thy Neighbour (1973) 6.9

Love Thy Neighbour (1973)

Storyline:Eddy Booth and his wife Joan live next door to Bill and Barbie Reynolds Joan and Barbie are best friends, having much in common....that is apart from their husbands! Whilst Eddy is a staunch Socialist, Bill ...

Killer Nun (1979) 4.9

Killer Nun (1979)

Storyline:A demented nun sliding through morphine addiction into madness, whilst presiding over a regime of lesbianism, torture and death. Sister Gertrude is the head nurse/nun in a general hospital, whose increasingl...

Bad Girl (1931) 6.3

Bad Girl (1931)

Storyline:A man and woman, skeptical about romance, nonetheless fall in love and are wed, but their lack of confidence in the opposite sex haunts their marriage.User Reviews:

Prey (1977) 4.8

Prey (1977)

Storyline:The day after a weird green light is seen in the English sky, a strange young man stops at the country home of two lesbian housemates. It turns out that the man is an alien, and a hungry oneUser Reviews:

Schramm (1993) 6.4

Schramm (1993)

Storyline:Lothar Schramm is a simple man with complex problems, yet he seems like such a nice guy. He works as a taxi driver and lives by himself where he is happy to answer his door to strangers and kill them outrigh...

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly (2019) 7.5

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly (2019)

Storyline:While crafting his Grammy-nominated album User Reviews:

Whiplash (2013) 8.0

Whiplash (2013)

Storyline:A ferocious, bullying music teacher teaches a dedicated student. This is the 18 min short film that the feature film was based on.User Reviews:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) 7.9

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Storyline:Francis, a young man, recalls in his memory the horrible experiences he and his fiancée Jane recently went through. It is the annual fair in Holstenwall. Francis and his friend Alan visit The Cabinet of Dr. ...

Special Delivery (1976) 4.8

Special Delivery (1976)

Storyline:A gang of thieves plan a daring bank robbery, making their escape across the rooftops of Los Angeles. The police are quickly called in, however, and only one of the robbers, Murdock, makes a clean getaway. U...

Yves Saint Laurent (2014) 6.6

Yves Saint Laurent (2014)

Storyline:A look at the life of French designer Yves Saint Laurent from the beginning of his career in 1958 when he met his lover and business partner, Pierre Berge.User Reviews:

The Littlest Angel (2011) 8.5

The Littlest Angel (2011)

Storyline:Based on the fifteenth best-selling children's book of all time, The Littlest Angel tells the story of a young boy who arrives in heaven before his time. Home-sick and lonely, he will travel back to earth, w...

The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (2005) 6.6

The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (2005)

Storyline:During the holiday season, when the animals of the Central Park Zoo are preparing for Christmas, Private, the youngest of the penguins notices that the Polar Bear is all alone. Assured that nobody should hav...

A Woman (1915) 6.3

A Woman (1915)

Storyline:Mother, father and daughter go to the park. The women doze off on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a girl, blindfolded. Charlie leads him into a lake. Both dozing ladies on the bench ...

A Remarkable Life (2016) 3.6

A Remarkable Life (2016)

Storyline:There are many things in life that could do a number on a man's masculinity. Lenny Babbitt has his identity and manhood challenged when his wife Tracy leaves him for a female doctor named Iris who has been t...