Boonie Bears, to the Rescue! (2014)

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Boonie Bears, to the Rescue!: Directed by Leon Ding, Fuyuan Liu, Paulette Victor-Lifton. With Rick Jay Glen, Siobhan Lumsden, Paul ‘Maxx’ Rinehart, Toni Thompson. The story starts when two boxes are switched mistakenly during a car accident, in the middle of a stormy night. Logger Vick retrieves a suitcase from the scene of the accident and reveals what is inside. Since he brings back this mysterious box, the forest is no longer peaceful and the Bear Brother’s lives change dramatically. Vick and the Bear Brothers become super dads to take care of a mysterious little girl who suddenly appears. They will have to fight with the bad guys in order to bring the girl back home safe and sound. At the same time, this unexpected adventure reveals big secrets. They will discover who the evil mastermind is.

“The voice actor dubbed Briar the bear sucks, he surely doesnu0026#39;t know how to act. Terrible voice.”


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