Die Abenteuer von Huck Finn (1993)

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Die Abenteuer von Huck Finn: Directed by Stephen Sommers. With Elijah Wood, Courtney B. Vance, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Robards. In Missouri, during the 1840s, young Huck Finn fearful of his drunkard father and yearning for adventure, leaves his foster family and joins with runaway slave Jim in a voyage down the Mississippi River toward slavery free states.

“The Adventures of Huck Finn This is another adaptation of Mark Twainu0026#39;s timeless classic u0026quot;The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnu0026quot;. This movie was created in 1993 and the setting is at a stretch the Mississippi river. Mark twain picked that setting because he lived in Missouri which are close by each other. It was easy for him to show the region as a whole from their dialect to how they dressed. This all played a big part in making it such a good story because of how it was realistic to the time period and the even the setting. Huckleberry Finn (Elijah Wood) is about a young boy who tries to do the right thing when most people didnu0026#39;t agree. He frees a slave named Jim Courtney B Vance. Huck has a lot of conflict with society and himself and just conflicts within himself. Such as when they are trying to follow through with Jimu0026#39;s plan to free himself and his family. Huck tries to u0026quot;ask for directionsu0026quot; and instead of turning him in as Huck originally planned he thinks about Jim and how he really just wants to be with his family. This was hard for him to relate to because he is a son of a drunk Pap Finn (Ron Pearlman) who tries to kidnap his son and actually almost kills him while in a drunken rage. Huck seems to run into a lot of people who arenu0026#39;t really good influences throughout the whole movie such as the con men they meet in a town. The con men blackmail Huck and Jim by finding out about the wanted posters for Jim. They end up joining a con on a family to try to get money they would have inherited from a death but Huck foils it for them in the end. The story has many twists and turns and always keeps you guessing. Also with the realism that is portrayed in this movie such as Huck being a young abolitionist and the regional color in it just adds to the realistic feeling of it all. One of the most important things about a adult book that is turned into a childrenu0026#39;s film in the film making process is portraying the book without taking out a lot of the book. I think they did an okay job in changing it into a film. Some of the biggest problems was it took out a lot of characters that explain why Huck did some of the things he did like in the book I know Tom Sawyer influences him a great deal but yet they didnu0026#39;t mention Tom Sawyer once throughout the whole film which I think took away a lot for people who read u0026quot;The Adventures of Tom Sawyeru0026quot; and u0026quot;The Adventures of Huckleberry Finnu0026quot;. Aside from some characters missing and important parts they did take out little things from the book to make it appropriate for children by taking out some of the vulgar and dirty language. You could see a lot of points the story was making especially doing the right thing isnu0026#39;t always what everyone else thinks is right. Realism is the writing style that was used when this book was written and I think was really shown in the film too. They showed the regional color extremely well with their dialect and particularly in the movie their clothes. Mark Twain showed color so well because he lived there, his dialect and the way people acted towards things like slavery. Throughout the book it had events that were with the time period like slavery and how there were abolitionists. Even it showed how the slaves were treated poorly by most and even got separated from their families. He even shows how great of a difference it was between people who supported slavery and the few that were against it. The movie doesnu0026#39;t show as much realism because itu0026#39;s censored for children so you lose some of the effect. Last but not least I rate this movie 3 stars for people who havenu0026#39;t read the book and 1 star for people who have. The difference between the ratings is because if you have read the book you will be missing so much of the story that you hate it and the way you imagined the characters could be portrayed differently in the movie. This movie wasnu0026#39;t a bad movie to me I liked it a little at times I felt confused because I havenu0026#39;t read the book but overall the movie had a good story. The theme of the story adds to the movie greatly and really makes you feel sorry for slaves and you realize that some people just didnu0026#39;t know any better. I think the censorship took away from the movie a little and it would have been better if it was created in to an adult movie.”


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