Sleepers (1996)

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Sleepers: Directed by Barry Levinson. With Kevin Bacon, Billy Crudup, Robert De Niro, Ron Eldard. After a prank goes disastrously wrong, a group of boys are sent to a detention center where they are brutalized. Thirteen years later, an unexpected random encounter with a former guard gives them a chance for revenge.

“The first half of the film is really strong and the scene that serves as the transition to the second half (the bar scene) is fantastic. I felt that the the latter half as a whole was a bit of a bubble though: there is a lot of The Count of Monte Cristo (the book that is referenced in the film a lot, check it out if you havenu0026#39;t) -esque revenge build-up but the payoff is a disappointment. For me, there were also slight pacing issues towards the end, along with some tonal choices I wasnu0026#39;t a fan of. Still, Iu0026#39;d say itu0026#39;s a fairly recommendable drama.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRating: 6/10”


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