Deadbeat at Dawn (1988)

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Deadbeat at Dawn: Directed by Jim Van Bebber. With Paul Harper, Jim Van Bebber, Megan Murphy, Ric Walker. One last job separates the leader of the Ravens gang from an early retirement. When he finds his girlfriend beaten to death by members of a rival gang, he seeks revenge, knowing that he may be dead by dawn. Will more blood bring her back?

“If you liked playing Double Dragon on your Nintendo, you will love this movie! Itu0026#39;s about the kind of blokes youu0026#39;d have in the video game but now itu0026#39;s just about as psycho crazy and atmospheric as Abel Ferrarau0026#39;s Driller Killer. A street-brawler kid quits his gang to live with his girl, but off course itu0026#39;s not that easy to turn his back on the gang.. Itu0026#39;s a very simple plot, but it has a certain style and intensity that make up for that lack of complexity. The style, to compare, is a bit between Driller Killer and Richard Kernu0026#39;s short films (The Hardcore Collection). A sometimes psychotic montage with lots of stylish and semi-shocking images and great action scenes with intense gore and a haunting musical score. Or maybe it was just really good weed. Who knows..”


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