Verbotene Liebe – Ein mörderisches Spiel (TV Movie 2005)

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Verbotene Liebe – Ein mörderisches Spiel: Directed by Douglas Jackson. With Tracy Nelson, Christopher Jacot, Bruce Boxleitner, Linden Ashby. A woman investigates when her teenage son is arrested for his married lover’s murder.

“About a mother who tries to save her son from murder. Plot is predictable and acting poor. Even with the likes of Bruce Boxlieter. Wonu0026#39;u0026#39;t go into the plot except to say its a good pop corn movies. That means you can leave the room anytime and not miss much. I have in the past critiqued the acting of Tracey Nelson. Daughter of Rick, she obviously didnu0026#39;t inherit any of his talent. She has an annoying pout and high whiny voice that grates on your nerves. A mature woman who sounds like Shirly Temple. Her hair is stringy, and hanging in her face most of the time. But mainly her acting is amateurish and boring. You donu0026#39;t believe her for a second. Sorry.”


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