Mensch, Dave! (2008)

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Mensch, Dave!: Directed by Brian Robbins. With Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan. A crew of miniature aliens operate a spaceship that has a human form. While trying to save their planet, the aliens encounter a new problem, as their ship becomes smitten with an Earth woman.

“I think kids may like this movie, but I didnu0026#39;t care for it. I didnu0026#39;t find it funny. Whatu0026#39;s supposed to be funny about seeing Eddie Murphy do his best Al Gore impression? He acts so wooden in this as robot Dave. Dave is really a space ship and little people (aliens) live inside Dave. They have come to earth to take the earthu0026#39;s ocean so get the salt reserves to save their planet. They are tracking an orb that fell into Josh Morrisonu0026#39;s room. And what a coincidence that Joshu0026#39;s mom, Gina, just happens to hit Dave with her car and invites him up. Now who in New York City what invite some strange guy into their apartment for breakfast. Gina teaches the aliens about love and eventually, they donu0026#39;t want to destroy earth.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eFINAL VERDICT: Unoriginal. Meant more for kids.”


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