Heung Gong kei on: Keung gaan (1993)

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Heung Gong kei on: Keung gaan: Directed by Andrew Lau. With Simon Yam, Chingmy Yau, Mark Cheng, Jacqueline Ng. When a cunning lawyer is set free after raping a model, the victim’s best friend seeks revenge with the help of her triad boyfriend.

“Alright, this movie should never have had carried the title u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot;. Why? Well it had absolutely nothing in common with or anything to do with the first movie, aside from having the same two people in the lead roles and also having the same producer.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe story in u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot; is about a perverted rapist (played by Mark Cheng) who preys on women in the apartment building where he has recently moved into. He abducts, rapes and frames Man Man (played by Jacqueline Ng), but she gets help from her friend Yuk-Nam (played by Chingmy Yau) and her triad boss boyfriend (played by Simon Yam).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWell, the story in itself wasnu0026#39;t all that bad, but it was suffering under the title of the movie and suffering severely by having both Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam in the lead roles. I am not saying that they are bad at acting, far from it, but they both starred in the first movie and their characters died in the first movie. Yeah, I know the ones in this u0026#39;sequelu0026#39; is entirely different characters, but still… I mean, come on, donu0026#39;t cast the exact same two people for the lead roles in a sequel that has nothing to do with the first movie. It was just a massive fail on every level.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe acting in u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot; was actually alright, and Mark Cheng actually put on a rather interesting performance as the deviant rapist, and he was the one that did the best job actually. I will say that both Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam werenu0026#39;t doing their usual good acting here in this movie.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eDo not, and I emphasize on the u0026#39;notu0026#39; part, watch u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot; immediately after having watched u0026quot;Naked Killeru0026quot;. I did that, and it was such a disappointing anti-climatic experience. Watch them separately, and donu0026#39;t think too much of the title of u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot;, because it is nothing more than a lame attempt on cashing in on the success of the first u0026quot;Naked Killeru0026quot; movie. u0026quot;Naked Killer 2u0026quot; should have had a whole other title, because it is a whole different movie and experience.”


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