The Glass Shield (1994)

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The Glass Shield: Directed by Charles Burnett. With Erich Anderson, Richard Anderson, Thomas Babson, Monty Bane. Two cops become compelled to act against corruption and discrimination within their police precinct.

“How your comment makes the top response for this film proves not only how naive you are, but how culturally bankrupt and immoral this nation is. The fact is, there are pockets of Russia and China here in the US not on community levels, but in the government as well. You have never heard of SERPICO or Rodney King obviously, it is no surprising Americans are completely out of touch. They elect a man like Bush, who invades a hornets nest, indebted your children and grandchildren, and runs a police state media called Fox network. The US government installed Pinochet in Peru, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, then orchestrate his execution. You are saying there is no such thing as the mafia or corrupt police and racism is not real. This film shows and tests the police as humans. Not everyone likes being pushed around by the police and not everyone is as passive and out of touch as you, thank God, if he exists.”


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