A Promise to Astrid (2019)

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A Promise to Astrid: Directed by Jason Campbell, Gary Lee Vincent. With Dean Cain, JoAnn F. Peterson, Jeremy Gladen, Luba Hansen. A remarkable woman named Astrid uses unconventional methods to change the lives of an entire community. Based on the award winning book ‘A Promise to Astrid’.

“For what it is (low budget and a Christian film) itu0026#39;s rather good in my opinion. Not being a Christian myself Iu0026#39;m one of the rare types that still love the books and movies simply for the feel good story telling and those stories about overcoming the odds against you. Astrid was very clearly an amazing woman who touched many lives. If youu0026#39;re looking for great production quality go elsewhere, but if you are the type more interested in just seeing a story of a real life person that will make you smile or tear up this is a good option for you.”


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