Kept Woman – Die Gefangene (TV Movie 2015)

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Kept Woman – Die Gefangene: Directed by Michel Poulette. With Courtney Ford, Shaun Benson, Andrew W. Walker, Rachel Wilson. A woman and her fiancé move to the suburbs, after being robbed. She becomes friendly with the mysterious man next door, who she begins to suspect is hiding a dangerous secret.

“I loved the movie. It wasnu0026#39;t a typical cheesy LMN tv-movie. I thought Courtney was excellent, and this is Bensonu0026#39;s second LMN movie where he plays the psycho bad guy, Prescription for Danger (2017). Oh and there are two more recent movies which are similar in concept, a British movie called Crawl to Me Darling (2020) and the recent Anna Marie Dobbins movie Women (2021). All three great movies!”


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