The Spirit of Notre Dame (1931)

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The Spirit of Notre Dame: Directed by Russell Mack. With Lew Ayres, Sally Blane, William Bakewell, Andy Devine. Story of two friends who play football, one of whom is a self-centered quarterback who thinks he’s the only man on the team.

“I would like to see this with English subtitles. The first season of this series is shown in the USA. I know there are a lot of Spanish speaking people here but English is the predominant language. So since the first season was released in the USA first we should have English Subtitles. Looking up the words in a Spanish English dictionary is very tedious. I really enjoy this series and it would be much more enjoyable if it had English subtitles. Netflix has all 3 seasons of Grand Hotel with English subtitles. This is an excellent series and so much more enjoyable with English subtitles. Would appreciate it very much if you took this matter into Consideration. Thank You!”


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