Public Disturbance (2018)

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Public Disturbance: Directed by Danny Lee. With Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie. Feature film inspired by the pranks performed by the comedy troupe The Janoskians.

“Public Disturbance was so painful to watch. Seldom can something packaged as a comedy bring on such a strong feeling of misery. I havenu0026#39;t posted a review for a long time, but when I saw all those 10-star reviews (from accounts with no other reviews), I was inspired to write this post, so as to accurately convey the quality of content with Public Disturbance. Watching this film is similar to enduring one of those annoying morning radio shows where people sit around boisterously laughing at crap that isnu0026#39;t funny. This film is scarcely preferable to the dentist, and it makes Jackass seem like comedy bliss by comparison.”


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