Adventure Force 5 (2019)

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Adventure Force 5: Directed by Michael Younesi. With Dylan Arnold, Tate Birchmore, Donald Bowen, Marleik Mar Mar Walker. When their quiet beach town is invaded by a mysterious threat, five kids – a gamer, comic book geek, inventor, skater and martial artist – must band together and use an arsenal of homemade gadgets to fight back.

“Adventure Force 5 is a fun, cute, often charming, and sometimes even an endearingly funny movie. A dash of The Avengers, a dash of Sky High, a dash of Babe, and a dash of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, this film is a fun movie for kids and their families. What I really loved about this movie is the older brother-young brother relationship. Maybe Iu0026#39;m a bit biased because I have a younger brother, but knowing that I would do anything for my younger brother, and seeing that mentality portrayed on this screen (especially with an anti-bully concept in the beginning) shows me that films like that exist for more than entertainment value — and in the familial sense where the kids just want their mom — they are here to educate, and this film does a great job of blending both entertainment and education for a wild, fun ride.”


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