Zwei ritten zusammen (1961)

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Zwei ritten zusammen: Directed by John Ford. With James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shirley Jones, Linda Cristal. A corrupt marshal is pressured by his army friend into negotiating the release of white captives of the Comanches, but finds that their reintegration into society has its consequences.

“I have, over the last year been watching my favorite westerns over again, and also viewing westerns I had never seen including this one. A very good western picture with some light moments and some very thought provoking serious sequences. We all know the headliners of the cast, but there are many well known character actors here too. I rated this movie an 8 (7 being above average IMO). The mix of humor and seriousness was very refreshing to me. Director John Ford, I bet was very proud of this movie. Jimmy Stewart is an old crusty lawman who isnu0026#39;t always honest, but has a good heart. For 1950, this movie has the appearance of a newer picture in its quality. The cinematography and music were very good too. I recommend this movie if you are a fan of westerns.”


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