Dumm und Dümmerer (2003)

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Dumm und Dümmerer: Directed by Troy Miller. With Timothy Stack, Mimi Rogers, Wayne Federman, Lucas Gregory. Set back in the 80s when Harry met Lloyd in high school where they cross paths with a mean principal and a bunch of other outcasts much like themselves.

“Maybe I am just a caring person, but I thought this movie was overall not funny and insulting to special ed kids. Itu0026#39;s one thing to make a brief reference (as was done in u0026quot;Agent Cody Banksu0026quot;), but this movie was just over the top. Do the producers not know that special ed kids have their own feelings? I have worked with some and know that they enjoy movies…but they probably hate this one. This could have been a lot better if they had left the special ed jokes out. Profanity was moderate, sexual content was there, but the special ed jokes outweigh all of those. Do NOT show this to a special ed kid. They will be insulted.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e(-1000/10)”


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