The Outrider (2019)

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The Outrider: Directed by Aaron Carlson. With Jennifer Bailey, Marshall Bailey, Joseph Beaudoin, Sean Benson. A private detective is hired by a mysterious woman to locate her missing twin sister.

“It takes a lot of expertise and craftsmanship to make a movie, especially a good one. Making a film is not just a job you take because you think it is going to be easy and fun, it is a job that requires passion and creativity. It appears to me after watching The Outrider that the people who made this movie did not have any passion or creativity. I try to not be too harsh on first-time productions but this movie fails on pretty much every level. From a screenplay filled with cliche dialogue and uninteresting characters to pretty bad sound quality, set design and effects. You could argue these last three were due to the budget but there are way better films out there that have been made with this same amount of money or even less. The acting is wooden and dull, the plot is not as interesting as it thinks it is and again, the sound in this movie…what is with the audio quality? Couldnu0026#39;t the production aford boom-mics or maybe have the actors re-dub their lines in post? The music is also pretty standard and generic, itu0026#39;s probably not terrible on its own but itu0026#39;s just so generic and doesnu0026#39;t sound unique enough to keep your attention. There are certain scenes that couldu0026#39;ve benefited from having a silent moment but instead they play this loud score that really takes you out of a scene instead of ivesting you in it. The worst part is that I honestly thought this movie could be good. Despite the story being extremely generic I can see it being done right if they took it in another direction. In the end The Outrider really disappointed me. Ride as far away from it, as you can.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI also feel the need to point out something else about this movie. To be completely honest I would have given this movie one more star considering it is a first time production but one thing stopped me from doing it: the fake reviews. The fact that whoever made this movie has posted fake reviews on this very website proves that they were not confident enough to let their final product get the reviews it deserves. They are trying to fool people with good reviews about the movie when the movieu0026#39;s quality is far from good. I am really sorry, I wouldu0026#39;ve taken it easier with this movie if it wasnu0026#39;t for the fake reviews.”


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