The Falcon Takes Over (1942)

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The Falcon Takes Over: Directed by Irving Reis. With George Sanders, Lynn Bari, James Gleason, Allen Jenkins. The Falcon and reporter Ann Riordan try to solve a string of murders after an ex-wrestler, released from jail, goes looking for his girl friend.

“A stuffy personnel guy has the job of hiring a new director. He is under the gun from his bosses and seemingly hates his job. Who should show up but a cartoon dog who can do all the things cartoon creatures can do. He uses every trick in the book to get the job. There is a hilarious thing about getting a ping pong ball out of a tube. Eventually, the man sees the joys of being a cartoon character and fends off all the attacks by the dog. In the process, he realizes that his job is a huge bore and life is too short.”


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