What Happened to Monday? (2017)

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What Happened to Monday?: Directed by Tommy Wirkola. With Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, Willem Dafoe, Marwan Kenzari. In a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation, a set of identical septuplets must avoid being put to a long sleep by the government and dangerous infighting while investigating the disappearance of one of their own.

“This is an average Tortilla/S.W. plenty of action , shootouts , thrills and abounds fist-play . Action-filled Spaghetti , littered with killings , street shootouts , brawls , revenge , romance , cross and doublé-crosses . Maccaroni Western performed by habitual actors , as it stars Peter Lee Lawrence , Roberto Camardiel , Carlo Gaddi , among others . Amusing Spaghetti/Chorizo or Gazpacho Western , it stars a bounty hunter called Garringo (Peter Lee Lawrence), who returns from pursuit outlaws to his ranch . But his father has been killed by the Styleu0026#39;s hoodlums . As Garringo finds out that the malevolent Styles has taken possession of his daddyu0026#39;s ranch , and he dominates on the little town . As Styles is owner the whole little town such as : General Store , Drugstore , Hardware , transports , diligence , Saloon , and livery stableu0026#39;s Styles . As Garringo arrives in the village tyrannized by Styles and seeks revenge to kill the murderers . Then , the villainous boss Styles hires a gunslinger called Towers (Carlo Gaddi in his usual role as hired gun) and other henchmen to kill him . Meanwhile , Garringo befriends a sympathetic old man called Duffy (Roberto Camardiel) and both of whom form an amusing couple . Garringo is relentlessly pursued by hoodlums but he gets rid of his contenders one by one and tries to execute his vendetta . Later on , the evil tyrant Styles is protected by a corrupt sheriff (Luis Induni) who attempts to detain Garringo . In the process , the heroic gunfighter Garringo falls in love with the landowneru0026#39;s fiancée (Maria Pia Conte).u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eMoving Spaghetti Western is filled with unstopped action , thrills , horse riding , brawls and crossfire . The movie is running out of ideas a bit ; nevertheless , it is still good enough to be fun . This stirring tortilla/Ravioli Western packs thrills , shootouts , noisy action , and riding pursuits . Italian-Spanish co-production filmed in Catalunya , full of familiar faces , assaults , exaggerated characters , gun-down , lots of shots and fights . Starring Peter Lee as a bounty hunter who comes back home and he vows vendetta when finds his father has been killed by a greedy landowner , he then will revenge himself and set the townsfolk free from the nasty villain . Peter is pretty nice , he ravages the screen , he jumps, leaps and bounds , hits and runs ; besides , receiving violent punches , whipping and wounds . Worthwhile watching for a demonstration of the confrontation between Peter Lee and Carlo Gaddi as the notorious hired hand called ¨Towers¨ with some looks that say it all , including an exciting ending . Here ¨Garringo¨ performed by Peter Lawrence is another hero of second class in the S.W. genre as ¨Sartana¨ (Gianni Garco) or ¨Cuchillo¨ (Tomas Milian) or ¨Ringo¨ (Giuliano Gemma) or ¨Holy Ghost¨ . The movie contains typical particularities Spaghetti , as is full of fury , sadism , bloodbaths , and close-ups of grime-encrusted faces . Early deceased Peter Lee Lawrence gives a subdued performance but adequate to his character , a two-fisted but upright gun-shooter . The notorious Spaghetti/Paella actor , Peter Lee Lawrence is good in his usual brave role , here playing a tough bounty hunter become into a terrible avenger when his father is wrongly murdered . His role is well performed , here he plays a relentless gunslinger using mercilessly his gun , a violent young who seeks justice , an usual plot in Spaghetti western . Blond German youth Peter Lee Lawrence, who made his uncredited debut in Sergio Leone u0026quot;For A Few Dollars Moreu0026quot; (1965), was the hero in many Spaghetti Westerns . His short cinematographic history can be enclosed in nine years of Italo-Spain co-productions such as u0026quot;More Dollars for the MacGregorsu0026quot; , ¨Winchester justice¨,u0026quot;Pistol for a Hundred Coffinsu0026quot;, ¨The man who killed Billy the Kid¨ , u0026quot;Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinityu0026quot; ¨Fury of Johnny Kid¨ and several others . Here appear important secondaries from Spaghetti/Tortilla or Paella Western , these are the followings : Frank Braña , Maria Pia Conte as Catherine , a beautiful townswoman who loves Garringo , Luis Induni as Sheriff , the likable dentist Gustavo Re , Gaspar u0026#39;Indiou0026#39; González , Franco Pesce , Luis Ciges , Juan Torres , among others . u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBeing regularly photographed by Giancarlo Ferrando in Eastmancolor . Mostly filmed in atmospheric though poor scenarios on location in Cataluña , Fraga , (Huesca) , similar to Almeria , and a Western village located in ¨Spugles De Llobregat¨ built by Balcazar Productions and in Rome, Lazio, Italy , as well as interiors filmed in Elios studios . Enjoyable musical score by Bruno Nicalai , usual collaborator to Morricone . The motion picture was middlingly directed by Juan Bosch . He managed to make a fluid and filled with thrills , duels , attacks , and shots , though average and in low budget . Juan was a Spanish craftsman , writing and directing ; working from the 60s in all kind of genres and B movies such as Spaghetti Western : ¨Dallas¨, u0026quot;God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth¨, u0026quot;And the Crows Will Dig Your Graveu0026quot; , u0026quot;My Horse, My Gun, Your Widowu0026quot; ,¨Ciudad Maldita¨, ¨They Believed He Was No Saintu0026quot; , u0026quot;Stagecoach of the Condemnedu0026quot; ; Giallo : u0026quot;The Killer Wore Glovesu0026quot; , u0026quot;On the Edgeu0026quot; or u0026quot;The Killer with a Thousand Eyesu0026quot; ; Comedy : Mauricio Mon Amour¨, ¨40 Años Sin Sexo¨, ¨Caray Con Divorcio¨ , ¨Rolls Para Hipolito¨ and Terror : ¨Exorcismo¨, ¨Secta Siniestra¨ . Rating : 4.5/10 , mediocre but entertaining , though sometimes embarrassing . If you like Chorizo , Paella , Tortilla , Butifarra or Spaghetti westerns , this one remains lightly watchable .”


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