A Godwink Christmas (TV Movie 2018)

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A Godwink Christmas: Directed by Michael Robison. With Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Giles Panton. A woman who accepts her boyfriend’s marriage proposal is invited to her aunt’s home for Christmas and develops romantic feelings for an inn owner.

“Again this year, my wife has the Hallmark Christmas movies on our TV nonstop. I can always hear them in the background and, once in awhile, one will catch my attention. But, this one premiered on a Sunday night, so I sat down and watched it with her from the beginning. Since some of the other reviews here were so negative, I felt compelled to write this. I remembered Kimberley Sustad from The Nine Lives of Christmas, in which I found Sustad to be very endearing. She is even more so in this film. As Paula, Sustad acts with a sense of forthrightness and honesty that you donu0026#39;t often see in these Christmas movies. The story is well-written and the cinematography, as well as the sets, are much better than the average Hallmark movie. This looks more expensive and realistic. There is the typical break-up scene in character Danielu0026#39;s office, but Sustad handles it with sophistication and quiet style, thereby making it more realistic and heartfelt. Paul Campbell and Giles Panton are very good in their roles, but the real surprise here is Kathie Lee Gifford. She has a thorough understanding of her character and plays Aunt Jane with quite serious believability – leaving her u0026quot;Kathie Leeu0026quot; make-up and persona behind. But, this is Sustadu0026#39;s film. Reminiscent of a dark-haired, young Gena Rowlands, she is not your typical cute, little Hallmark leading lady. Rather, she developes her character with intelligence and a natural charm that makes you truly sympathize and understand her dilemma. As a whole, this is really quite a good production – nice story with excellent acting and attractive scenery.”


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