Rakhtbeej (2012)

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Rakhtbeej: Directed by Anil Ballani. With Julia Datt, Tinnu Anand, Mansi Dovhal, Sanjay Gagnani. Rakhtbeej is the story of two men, from two different generations. Even though their worlds are different their lives keep intersecting. Abhay Jatav from humble beginnings, ends up becoming the most dreaded dacoit in UP. Ajay also from humble beginings, becomes the CEO of Dabral Group of Industries, at a very young age. Abhay knows Sarita from a long time, and Sarita is in love with Abhay. But when a simple village girl Poonam enters Ahbay’s life he totally forgets about Sarita. Sanjana, Dabral’s daughter is in love with Ajay from a long time. But when supermodel Priya enters his life, he is blinded by her love. Abhay goes out of his way to help Maya Singh win the village elections. But Maya Singh later backstabs Abhay. Abhay loose his friends and those dear to him and this changes his fate forever. Ajay trusts Dharam, his competitor in business and love, but Dharam backstabs him. Abhay becomes a victim of Politics, Police and Dacoits, while Ajay is the victim of business rivalry. Even though these men are from different generations, their lives resemble each others. Just like Abhay, Ajay too has to choose between his friends, love, relationships and ambition. Is Ajay related to Abhay? Will he ever know? Just because their lives are similar, will they meet with a similar fate?

“Traveling back to their childhood home, a man, his girlfriend, and his friend arrive to learn theyu0026#39;ve inherited the property upon their fathersu0026#39; death, but when they become afflicted by a series of supernatural incidents around the house they try to find the cause of the incidents and stop them from continuing.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOverall, this was a highly enjoyable and chilling effort. Among the more enjoyable aspects here is the fantastic atmosphere and overall tone present here that makes for a chilling time. Given the backstory present here about the early lives being in the house, the fate of their parents, and the circumstances surrounding his fatheru0026#39;s mysterious death that lead them back, this one starts off rather nicely with why theyu0026#39;re at the house and why everything starts. As time goes on and they discover the series of strange experiments and projects that were being conducted which enabled the release of the spirit to begin with, the general storyline involved here is generally rather fun and chilling. On top of that, thereu0026#39;s so much to like about the location and its air of creepiness. The wood-stained location, creaking floors, and general old-school atmosphere in a modern location all combine together into a creepy location on its own that becomes even better served once the creepy ideas start happening. The sight of the entity emerging from the airdates and interacting with the dolls in the bedroom is immensely chilling even though nothing immediately happens since the character leaves the room before anything happens, but as a start to the later interaction with other dolls or objects falling from their shelves, doors slamming shut unexpectedly, or the flash images of the spirit popping up to shock them. When it gets to the fun finale, thereu0026#39;s a lot to like with the use of the spiritsu0026#39; true identity and intentions based on the revelations that come about. The series of attacks continue in the shock ambushes and popping out of nowhere that highlights their childhood encounters leading to the mind-bending reveal that comes about regarding the need to stop the spirit and what comes about there. The final resolution of all this is quite impressive and enjoyable as well, leading to a rather somber note for what had been a chilling and suspenseful series of supernatural attacks that come together quite nicely when dealing with the ghosts once and for all. Given that thereu0026#39;s no violence at all here makes for a different tone and time here, all making for a fun time to be had with this one. There isnu0026#39;t a lot to drag this one down but it does come up. One of the main drawbacks is the series of unnecessary interactions that show up that tries to bring up something resembling a love triangle but are just laughably cringe-inducing instead. The constant scenes of the girl trying to hit on him only to be rebuffed which upsets her yet when he tries to be friendly with her either the incident comes off wrong or the girlfriend misinterprets their relationship for something more. It doesnu0026#39;t add drama or conflict to the story which seems to be the intent and instead seems to drag the pacing down instead. Some of the CGI used for the ghosts is also somewhat laughable, although given the supernatural origins itu0026#39;s not that bad, overall being the main issues knocking this one back.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRated Unrated/R: Language and Mild Violence.”


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