Why We Laugh: Funny Women (TV Movie 2013)

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Why We Laugh: Funny Women: Directed by Bernard Gourley. With Joan Rivers, Kim Wayans, Tig Notaro, Whoopi Goldberg. Veteran funny-lady Joan Rivers hosts an honest look at the evolution of the female stand-up comedian through in-depth interviews with some of the most famous women in comedy.

“An absolute gem of a find while I was channel surfing. Have it on the DVR and it will stay there for u0026quot;In case of an emergencyu0026quot; laughter is needed. These women have brilliant minds, and give much insight as to the life of being a comic. Well done. If youu0026#39;re into stupid Jerry Lewis type humor, or if you find the sitcom u0026#39;Friendsu0026#39; hilarious, this isnu0026#39;t for you. I suspect most of the lower ratings posted for this program come from such individuals, and likely the opinion of the male gender. Many men are intimidated by an intelligent, witty woman. This fact included in a portion of this program. Itu0026#39;s ranked as a 10 in my book! Hmmm, now this is site is stating I need to have a minimum of ten lines to post this comment. Yikes, now I have to come up with a bunch of filler garble to consume ten lines. Usually the opposite. u0026quot;You have too many charactersu0026quot;, so I will attempt to submit this one more time, and if it itu0026#39;s not accepted, I will have wasted 30 minutes of my time which could have been used productively, as Iu0026#39;m not going to consume a day in an attempt to share my thoughts and praise this production. Chances are pretty good no one will give a ratu0026#39;s behind anyway! Okay, here goes. Iu0026#39;m going in!”


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