Shark Attack (TV Movie 1999)

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Shark Attack: Directed by Bob Misiorowski. With Cordell McQueen, Casper Van Dien, Chris Olley, Jacob Makgoba. In a once serene African fishing village, a marine biologist goes in search of some answers when his friend becomes a victim in one of a series of brutal shark attacks.

“Unlike most opinion I think the sharks are realistic – the reason being the majority are seen as stock footage that so obiviously has no relation to the actors in terms of the scene. This film manages to have shark attacks with no tension or excitment – Casper Van Dien is constantly throwing himself into the waterwith a knife or something to take on the sharks – and never even looks worried. Jenny McShane runs round in little briefs etc – itu0026#39;s obivious why she is included in the cast. This is so lame that it provides no enterainment at all. Shark attacks bring out a basic fear in all of us – that this film manages to bring NONE of that to the screen is really bad.”


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