Mein Leben ist der Rhythmus (1958)

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Mein Leben ist der Rhythmus: Directed by Michael Curtiz. With Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones, Walter Matthau, Dolores Hart. A troubled youth’s singing sets New Orleans rockin’. With a sweet girl to love him and nightclubbers cheering, it seems he will shake off his past and head for the top. But will a mobster and his man-trap moll snare him in a life of crime?

“To a lot of critics and non-fans of the Master of Song or King of Rock u0026#39;nu0026#39; Roll, to give him his correct title, Elvis Presley was merely a wooden celluloid freak who just sang to children, animals, and everybodyu0026#39;s Grandmother on a movie set. That might have been the case during the mid-u0026#39;60u0026#39;s when Elvis didnu0026#39;t know how to perform on a movie set any other way than to follow the less than mediocre script which was getting more tedious and morose as the previous one. This trend was set by the formula that started with u0026quot;G.I. Bluesu0026quot; and finally reaffirmed with the classic, u0026quot;Blue Hawaiiu0026quot;, from then on in with the exception of u0026quot;Flaming Staru0026quot;, it was a pretty poor rag-bag bunch. However, u0026quot;King Creoleu0026quot; was Elvisu0026#39; jewel in the crown. The film is a testimony to a time when rebellion amongst teenage life was coming to the fore and the struggle for a young personu0026#39;s individuality in society was a constant threat to many parents of the 1950u0026#39;s genre. If Elvis was to be a big movie star this is the one that certainly went a step further than u0026quot;Jailhouse Rocku0026quot; to ascertain that position. Elvisu0026#39; acting improved over the three film period of 1956-57, and in u0026quot;King Creoleu0026quot; you can see the transition. He brings to the screen all the grittiness, excitement, tension that his character, Danny Fisher, is all about. This great quality movie really pays justice to a classic piece of film making by Director Michael Curtiz and a great supporting cast that Elvis gained so much from performing with in this story. Another transition also happens in this movie and that is one of the music. Apparently, Elvis never really liked Jazz music, but he certainly forgot all about that when he cut the soundtrack to this movie. Iu0026#39;m sure that Jazz music featured slightly higher on his list after he realised what he could do in the studio with this kind of music and blending it with his own rock rythmns and blues orientations. To me, this is one of the greatest films ever made, by one of the most underrated actors of our time. To the critics and non-fans alike: Watch it and Weep!”


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