Invalid (Video 2015)

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Invalid: Directed by Dustin Mills. With Joni Durian, Brandon Salkil, Dave Parker, Dustin Mills. A new psychosexual thriller fashioned after Italian horror films. INVALID is the story of a woman tasked with caring for her vegetative brother. Agnes begins to hear her brother’s voice in her head, and he demands blood. It’s Maniac meets Psycho meets Patrick with camera work and lighting inspired by the Italian greats like Bava, Fulci, and Argento. Sleaze, art, and emotion collide in INVALID.

“It would be fantastic if you never made another movie again. This movie was not clever or smart at all compelling. It was straight dumpster fire! I bet everyone involved in its production gave themselves a pat on the back like they were the davinci of film BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”


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