Im Dutzend billiger 2: Zwei Väter drehen durch (2005)

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Im Dutzend billiger 2: Zwei Väter drehen durch: Directed by Adam Shankman. With Steve Martin, Eugene Levy, Bonnie Hunt, Tom Welling. The Bakers, while on vacation, find themselves competing with a rival family of eight children.

“u0026#39;Cheaper by the Dozen 2u0026#39; is pretty much the typical family comedy that has nothing new to offer. That does not mean that the film is absent of entertainment. It pretty much follows the usual formula with the regular ingredients. The slapstick and jokes are expected but still amusing. There are some funny adult jokes too. The film has heart and thatu0026#39;s what works for it. Shankman and his cast and crew must have had a great time (as was also apparent on the DVD extras). Steve Martin and Eugene Levy are good. Martin has played the comedic family dad perhaps more than a dozen times and he has become quite skilled at it. The extremely talented Bonnie Hunt is criminally underused but she has an effective presence, nonetheless. Carmen Electra is a surprise. She plays a hot mom but not the clichéd one, rather one that is compassionate, gentle and caring. Electra does a good job and proves that she can do more than being just an airhead or a seductress. Piper Perabo is also underused. Jaime King is very pretty. Hilary Duff plays sort of a spoilt brat (which is a change from her sweet pretty girl image) but her acting is quite bad and she needs to eat. The child actors were all fun to watch. Overall, itu0026#39;s all goofy family fun and quite enjoyable when watching with the family.”


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