Drei Betten für einen Junggesellen (1989)

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Drei Betten für einen Junggesellen: Directed by Will Mackenzie. With Mark Harmon, Madeleine Stowe, Lesley Ann Warren, Maria Holvoe. TV weatherman (Mark Harmon) must woo three women to wed, with video proof.

“Worth Winning is one of those cliches about a group of guy friends making bets about women, with the one guy engaged in the bet falling in love with the women of his game. In Worth Winning, hot shot playboy weatherman Taylor Worthu0026#39;s (Mark Harmon) buddies bet that he canu0026#39;t get three women to marry him within a given number of weeks. This seems easy for a guy like Taylor because of his playboy nature, but the guys picks the three women, and he seems to be irked by some quality in each of them: Veronica Briskow (Madeleine Stowe), Eleanor Larimore (Lesley Ann Warren), Erin Cooper (Maria Holvoe). One is a traditional, but rather bubbly blonde. One is a bored nympho housewife. And one is a pretentious artsy fartsy type who actually turns out to be one of the better of the characters–personality wise–as she seems to be the most u0026#39;realu0026#39; of the three, and the most needed to break Tayloru0026#39;s overestimation of his power over women. It proves no easy task, particularly the finale when he learns that he starts to fall in love with one and soon, must reveal his bet. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe movie isnu0026#39;t really that funny. The idea may seem quite comical, but there seems to be too much of Mark Harmon as an overconfident ass and not enough as Mark Harmon, the witty charmer. And for something with Mark Harmon in the leading role, it makes it a little less enjoyable. That, and the fact that this story is far too redundant, and possibly, only outrageous comedy could compensate where the novelty has worn out.”


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