The Dead Ones (2019)

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The Dead Ones: Directed by Jeremy Kasten. With Sarah Rose Harper, Brandon Thane Wilson, Katie Foster, Torey Garza. While serving detention for a horrific incident, four students are locked in a school and hunted by a gang dressed as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While fighting to survive, each student must confront past traumas.

“Assigned to a summer detention class, a group of outcast students cleaning up after hours begins to suspect something is following them for a past trauma committed at the school involving a group of armed masked shooters and must try to get out of the school alive before those incidents threaten to consume the group.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis was a somewhat problematic entry. Among the few positives to be had here is the filmu0026#39;s highly enjoyable brutality dished out the few times we see the gang cut loose and get crazy on their victims. The bluntness and absolutely unnerving manner in which they play with their victims and begin shooting up the school in the flashback is a fantastic way to get some positives going as thereu0026#39;s an enjoyable aspect to the brutality and bloodshed offered in cold, stark fashion with the way they mow victims down or begin slashing at them. However, outside of the creepy masks they wear, thatu0026#39;s all this has going for it. This one does have some issues with it. Among the biggest problems is the complete and total lack of any kind of explanation for anything. The idea of the kids staying after hours at the school is never discussion as we donu0026#39;t get any idea what their infraction was that sent them there or why no adult is keeping an eye on them as they seem to be there as punishment. However, with no teacher keeping an eye on them to ensure they complete it or backstory about what their history is since weu0026#39;re just dropped into this without much info about them making it incredibly difficult to care about them bickering and fighting at the very beginning. That carries over into the biker gang terrorizing the school, as we get absolutely nothing about them at all. They seem to show up to the school randomly without any kind of purpose or plan as to whatu0026#39;s going on, go out of their way to avoid the group until it comes time to attack them and are acting like such spastic weirdoes it seems unlikely theyu0026#39;d be able to accomplish anything given their erratic outbursts and barely any information given about what theyu0026#39;re attempting. Even that little bit of information doesnu0026#39;t amount to much as it gets muddled through the tactics theyu0026#39;re trying to accomplish it with. The other problem with this one is the seemingly disjointed plotline that doesnu0026#39;t make any kind of sense whatsoever. The main idea of this one makes no sense with the flashbacks to the rampage going concurrently with their real-life struggles which is incredibly convoluted and confusing, especially once it brings in a quasi-supernatural feel that has no business being in the storyline. It changes whatu0026#39;s going on and does so for no reason, turning this into a jumbled, confusing mess and completes the uninterest generated by the rest of the film. This is the biggest drawback to this one and effectively ruins what couldu0026#39;ve been with this one.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eRated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.”


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