My New Best Friend (TV Movie 2015)

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My New Best Friend: Directed by Terry Ingram. With James Denton, Lilah Fitzgerald, Laura Mennell, Lauren K. Robek. COOPER BRAWN (40s) is a cynical, hard-nosed K-9 cop who spends his days tracking down bad guys and his nights hanging out with his surfer pals. And he wonders why his relationship with his ex-fiancé, SAMANTHA PHILLIPS (30s) didn’t work out. Still, he hopes to re-kindle the romance. Samantha is upset at herself for still having feelings for Cooper and makes plans to move away so she can get over him. Then, spunky PENELOPE “POLKA-DOT” DAUGHT (11) enters Cooper’s life by inventing a “Cops for Kids” program in which she helps take care of Luey at the Police Kennel. Charmed by the young ragamuffin, Cooper lets Polka-dot work, unaware she would eventually sneak into the kennel late in the evening to bring Luey home. Polka-dot lives with her mom, FRANCES (40s), who is battling a serious illness. To gain courage, Polka-dot identifies with her hero, Huckleberry Finn. After all, Huck was an orphan who navigated a mighty river on his way to a new life. Meanwhile, Frances’ health declines to the point where she needs hospitalization. Afraid she will be sent to an orphanage, Polka-dot hides in a closet while the EMT’s take Frances to the hospital. When Cooper finally learns the truth about Polka-dot, he confides in Samantha who is charmed by the deeply felt concern Cooper shows as he helps Polka-dot deal with the loss of her mom. What had been a lost relationship between Cooper and Samantha now comes back together as their engagement is re-kindled… and they officially welcome the charming and wonderful Polka-dot into their lives as adoptive parents.

“Cooper Brawn (James Denton) is a carefree K-9 cop who still cares for his ex-fiancé Samantha Phillips (Laura Mennell) despite breaking up due to his lack of responsible life planning. Little girl Polka-dot is new in town and trying to find work. Cooper reluctantly pays out of his own pocket for her to take care of an old bloodhound. She lives with her sick mother who are on the run from her abusive father. When her mother is hospitalized, she keeps various secrets to stay out of social services following in the footsteps of her literary hero, Huckleberry Finn.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWow, that was sad. I was expecting a kidu0026#39;s movie and this is dealing with a serious issue. The light background music fits more of a light-hearted kiddie movie. There is one moment when I couldnu0026#39;t figure out what Polka-dot is doing when the paramedics arrive. Itu0026#39;s a short moment of confusion which could have been alleviated with Polka-dot having an inner voice. It could explain what sheu0026#39;s planning at the time. As for the ending, some of it gets dragged out. It already packs a big punch and it needs to land that punch more effectively.”


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