The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man (2018)

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The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man: Directed by Tommy Avallone. With David Allan, Balu Art, Tommy Avallone, John Barnhardt. This documentary explores various urban legends around Hollywood’s most elusive star.

“I donu0026#39;t remember how I stumbled on this documentary. It probably seemed like something cool to watch. Iu0026#39;m an absolute ignorant when it is about celebrities, I know the faces and names from movies I watched, but I donu0026#39;t know anything about their life style or whatever they might be up to. So before watching this well made documentary I had no clue about Bill Murray besides him being a funny and good actor. The documentary shows a man that just wants to fit in without making a big deal out of it, a man that understands he makes people happy just by his presence and openness. For most of celebrities itu0026#39;s a hassle, for Bill Murray itu0026#39;s a thing he just likes to do, making people smile and making him being a regular guy. A regular guy, but still a stranger other than his celebrity by the way, that starts to do your dishes while you party. For Bill Murray it feels like something anybody could do, but letu0026#39;s be honest we would allow Bill to do the same at our house but Iu0026#39;m pretty sure that we wouldnu0026#39;t let any other stranger in withou being at least a bit cautious. The documentary is easy and pleasant to watch, showing Bill Murray as a guy everybody likes to be around. I think itu0026#39;s not even about him being famous, people that would not recognize him would still have a fun moment with Bill Murray. Bill Murray is just a nice guy, and that I wonu0026#39;t forget the next time I see his face on tv.”


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