Maria, Mãe do Filho de Deus (2003)

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Maria, Mãe do Filho de Deus: Directed by Moacyr Góes. With Giovanna Antonelli, Luigi Baricelli, Ana Beatriz Cisneiros, Marcelo Rossi. Maria Auxiliadora is a 24 year-old woman very poor, that she lives Joana, her 7 year-old daughter close to. Needing go look for the result of Joana’s exam in the hospital, Maria asks the priest of the local church that takes care of her to return. In spite of Joana’s insistence to go with the mother Maria insists that she is with the priest, because she distrusts that her daughter suffers of a serious disease. To entertain the girl while it awaits the mother’s return, the priest decides to tell her a mother’s history that dedicated her life to the son: Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

“Feeling sad about the fact that this show really did seem like a good one. Now after watching the sixth episode Iu0026#39;m starting to feel bored. The whole series is dependent on confusion and no one knows what is or even could be going on. You can always guess but it gets boring after literally everything that happens is just confusing and all I can do is wait for some kind of an explanation to help the viewer to get a grip of this show.”


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