Abbott und Costello als Legionäre (1950)

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Abbott und Costello als Legionäre: Directed by Charles Lamont. With Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Patricia Medina, Walter Slezak. Two Brooklyn wrestling promoters go to French Algeria in search of a famous Algerian wrestler but accidentally end-up in the French Foreign Legion.

“Not much going on in this film that is going to amuse anyone over the age of 8. The gags are very simple and it is obvious that most of the movie was shot in a studio, but still the film retains a silly juvenile charm. The best parts occur when A u0026amp; C are lost in the desert and Lou is seeing mirages of a malt shop and of an oasis. A great gag occurs when he hallucinates that a newsboy is selling newspapers in the desert. When Lou asks him how he got there, the newsboy answers that he got stuck with a bad corner. The rest of the film has the usual slapstick nonsense and tired old gags about oil Sheiks and harems. On the whole only worth seeing if your brain is stuck in idle (or stupid).”


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