Der Weihnachtshase (2010)

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Der Weihnachtshase: Directed by Tom Seidman. With Sophie Bolen, Madeline Vail, Colby French, Derek Brandon. When Julia, a lonely foster child, discovers an injured rabbit on Christmas Eve, she forms an unlikely friendship with an eccentric farmwoman (Florence Henderson) who vows to nurse the bunny back to health.

“I usually hate movies like this, but I actually enjoyed this one. Probably because it was a little darker than I expected. Not as u0026quot;upliftingu0026quot; as a Hallmark movie, but not as melodramatic as standard Lifetime fare. The cinematography has a nice indie feel to it rather than a sterile TV movie look. I thought the gloomy Michigan winter nicely framed the uncertain financial prospects of the dad and also the isolation of the girl. Though I wish the relationship between the rabbit lady and the girl had been developed a lot more since they were both so emotionally shutdown. Nevertheless, Florence Henderson did a great job in a role that played against her usual chirpy persona. I actually didnu0026#39;t recognize her until I saw the credits.”


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