Monster House (2006)

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Monster House: Directed by Gil Kenan. With Ryan Whitney, Steve Buscemi, Mitchel Musso, Catherine O’Hara. Three teens discover that their neighbor’s house is really a living, breathing, scary monster.

“Letu0026#39;s be clear – Monster House is not your typical u0026#39;feel-goodu0026#39; childrenu0026#39;s movie. That isnu0026#39;t to say, however, that there are never any points where the viewer is allowed to feel good. In fact, I discovered, despite my initial resistance to a movie that I thought would simply impress me graphically, copious moments of warmth and humor within the unembellished and utterly human actions of the characters. This is the movieu0026#39;s paramount success. Not the plot, the myriad celebrity voices, or even the decisively unique and dazzling computer animation. Where Monster House really shines is within the dialogue and behavior of its perfectly believable personalities. From the girl-musings and growing pains of the pubescent DJ and Chowder to the cantankerous rantings of their crotchety old neighbor Nebbercracker, the cast is so natural that one would expect to run across such people within day-to-day life. It is this element that helps Monster House transcend an entirely surreal plot to make an idea so bizarre and twisted seem entirely real. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIt is true that Monster House does contain a predominantly dark theme, with a considerable amount of eerie scenes to support it. I donu0026#39;t believe, however, that this should keep it from being shared with children, especially those preadolescences that will soon enough be able to relate to the emotions and actions of its protagonists. As long as younger children have the guidance of a parent or other compassionate adult, this film has the potential be viewed and adored by all ages.”


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