The Tooth Fairy (Video 2006)

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The Tooth Fairy: Directed by Chuck Bowman. With Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West, Steve Bacic, Nicole Muñoz. Darcy Wagner and her ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter Pamela “Pammy” are heading to the bed and breakfast of her boyfriend Peter Campbell in the River Bend Road in Northern California. Peter has quited his career of doctor and bought an old house to have a calmer life and write a book. When Darcy stops at a gas station to ask for direction, she has an abusive treatment from the owners, the Hammond Brothers. Meanwhile Peter welcomes his first guest, the student Stephanie “Star” Roberts, while he works with his friend Bobby Boulet repairing the house. When Darcy and Pamela arrive, he explains that he had a dispute in the justice with the Hammond Brothers and asks Darcy to forget the incident. Soon Pamela befriends the girl Emma in the barn and she tells that the house belonged to the Tooth Fairy Witch that killed many children to get their milk-teeth; further, Pamela would be in danger since she still has her last milk-tooth. Pamela tells Emma’s story to her mother and Peter, but they do not believe in her. But when their friends are slaughtered in the house, Darcy and Peter start to believe that something supernatural is happening in the house.

“Tooth faiy well its very similar to Darkness Falls its pretty much the same thing except a tooth fairy is after a little girl rather than a little boy and this tooth fairy is not afraid of the light and seems more hunts people with axes and power tools. Now Lochlyn Munro moves into this old cursed house turning it into a country inn giving up on his career as a doctor saying he just was not cut out for it, he has a young man whos going to be a football star and a pretty lady going to be a vet, along with his x wife and daughter staying around as the first guests, things get bad when the little one (nicole munoz) loses her last baby tooth the fairy lady will stop at nothing to get her. There is some great comedy here with the stereo typical rednecks they will give you a good laugh, thereu0026#39;s a little bit of nudity we see some boobs so thats a plus and we have some cool deaths that involve big machines power tools and axes, so thereu0026#39;s plenty of fun here. Check out the tooth fairy and see if she gets what she wants, Will she get it? you have to watch and find out”


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