The G.I. Executioner (1971)

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The G.I. Executioner (1971). 1h 26m | R

“Thereu0026#39;s so much wrong with this film but your enjoyment of it really depends on how bad you like your films….And i loved this one.I canu0026#39;t argue with the poor acting,rubbish sets,exotic but grubby locations or the cheapness of it all,but it has a certain quality that lovers of u0026quot;pooru0026quot; films will find in perfect viewing.Some of the situations and characters that Dave Deerborn gets involved with are pure exploitation cinema and intentional or not amusing as hell!..Throw in(a naked)gun toting Angelique Pettyjohn and that screechy soundtrack song and itu0026#39;s all good in my book!DVD picture quality from Troma Films could be a lot better unfortunately.”


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