Clementine (2004)

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Clementine (2004). 1h 40m

“A martial arts flick with only 5 mediocre fight scenes? The featured Seagal is only discernible in a fight for about 15 seconds. Most of the film is just family drama, which isnu0026#39;t a strong Korean trait. Thereu0026#39;s thousands of films more worth your while. OK. Just noticed I need to write 10 lines so here are some arguments to explain my vote: The acting is pretty OK, for an Asian movie of this style. Thatu0026#39;s why I voted it 3 out of 10. The problem is that the movie is lacking all the important parts. It is not funny. The script really has only one way to go from the start. I fast forwarded some parts of the film and didnu0026#39;t lose ANY context. And, most importantly, the film isnu0026#39;t exciting. There isnu0026#39;t a single moment where you hold your breath. Every action fan could forgive those points (I mean, be honest, most martial arts films are lacking on these points…) if only he were repaid with some spectacular fight moves. But this is really the killing blow. 2 of the fight scenes (with Kim as a cop) could be straight out of Maimi Vice and the rest are also just basic brawls. No cool kicks, no acrobatics, no grace, no nothing. There, I said it.”


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