Brother Number One (2011)

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Brother Number One (2011). 1h 37m | Not Rated

“A beautifully crafted moving documentary, following Rob Hamillu0026#39;s journey of traveling to Cambodia to confront the commander of the prison where his brother Kerry was tortured and killed during the Khymer Rouge regime. Rob was not afraid of showing his emotions and the viewer will completely go on this journey with him. It does a great job of back-grounding Kerryu0026#39;s life leading up to this point when his yacht was blown into Cambodian waters. It shows the effect this had on his and his companionu0026#39;s family. It also investigates how the judicial process is working in bringing the Khymer Rouge leaders to justice. An absorbing, intense documentary which brings home what millions of Cambodians went through. You cannot help but be affected by this story.”


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