Aakrosh (2010)

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Aakrosh (2010). 2h 26m | Not Rated

“The action is just amazing, specially with Ajay Devgan on the top of the van. Priyadarshan, is one heck of a director. Then we have these scum imbeciles who have made the movies like u0026quot;Three Idiotsu0026quot; and u0026quot;Dabaangu0026quot; who should learn from directors like him. This movie is worth every penny for the action sequence alone. Paresh Rawal, who is versatile as a stage, screen actor is never a let down. The photography is breathtaking-most of the scenes done by hand camera. Compared to these non Indian actors like Aamir Khan (this rodent midget cant act)and Salman Khan there is so much talent in the Indian Actors like Khanna, Devegun and Rawal. Rawal is such a good actor he can be funny even when is getting beat up!”


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