The English Surgeon (2007)

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The English Surgeon (2007). 1h 33m | TV-14

“This film is so touching and moving, I nearly cried several times. The English Surgeon is about real-life Dr. Henry Marsh, who travels from England to the Ukraine with secondary medical tools to help his Russian counterpart perform surgeries. It is a great documentary. Dr. Marsh is compassionate, but realistic; he will tell a patient outright they have no chance to live. But he keeps trying, despite his emotionally fatigued state.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWhat I found most intriguing about this film is how pivotal it is to our society. This man travels across the world to try and make a difference, even with the odds of his patients living unknown. He gives it his all, and it can teach us all to show a little more compassionate to our fellow man.”


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