The Accidental Twins (2024)

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The Accidental Twins (2024). The Accidental Twins: Directed by Alessandro Angulo. Two sets of identical twins switched at birth in Colombia explore their complex history and new identities in this captivating documentary.

“Wow, i just wathed this from Greece, sorry for my poor english, but I was moved to tears so many times from this story. This is such a beautiful film, im so glad i found this documentary randomly on netflix. What I watched for the last 90mins will stay with me forever. Four altruistic dudes and such an amazing story. Really emphasises issues like famil, brotherhood, blood relations, but more importantly?? It makes us realise blood is not everything. Brothers can be brou0026#39;s without same blood. Im soooooo glad i watched this. If i myself found me in the same situation? I do not know how i would react. But i would want to believe that a brother is a brother, regardless of blood. This is a must watch!!!”


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