A Wandering Path (The Story of Gilead Media) (2023)

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A Wandering Path (The Story of Gilead Media) (2023). 1h 38m

“I donu0026#39;t remember any longer when I first learned about Gilead Media. I still havenu0026#39;t visited the store Eroding Winds, but I plan to in the future. Then again, this is a bit of a personal digression. A Wandering Path as a film is anything but wandering or scattered. The film actually was a quick viewing experience for me because of how natural and clear the arc of the overall documentary is to follow. I think Michael Dimmitt did great with all the interviews whether it was musicians in the various bands mentioned in the film or friends/family members connected to the music and record label. I wouldnu0026#39;t say this is a documentary you watch to feel entertained by in the traditional sense of watching a film; the best way to approach this film is either to learn about music youu0026#39;re already familiar with or to learn about new music youu0026#39;ve heard about and the people involved with it. I would primarily recommend this film to people who are already a fan of u0026quot;metalu0026quot; or heavy music in general, but I donu0026#39;t know if it will connect with fans of music documentaries overall.”


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