The Pretender 2001 (TV Movie 2001)

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The Pretender 2001 (TV Movie 2001). 1h 36m | TV-14

“I finally got to see the movie (TNT repeat on 7/3) as I missed it back in January due to never seeing an episode of the show before. Finally started watching it in mid April (season four) and quickly became hooked. Am now watching season one courtesy of TNT and enjoying it a lot.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enThe film was very good and I liked the beginning summary for people who have never watched the series before and it gave a nice overview of the show. As with any highly popular show (e.g. X Files) the producers, writers, etc. have to keep fansu0026#39; interest stoked so although the film did answer some questions it fanned the flames to new ones in their place. I do not feel that qualified to give a legitimate rating on the show as I still have seasons 2, 3 and the beginning of 4 to watch. I eagerly await the next film and will continue to look forward to watching the show unfold, especially as there were a few characters in the film that I have not come across yet in the series. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI just wanted to say that in my humble opinion the film did deliver, and deliver well. Great acting by all the principle characters although I thought Miss Parker was not as nasty in the film as she is in the series and this trait of hers is what makes her character fun to watch in the series. She had some good lines in the film but in the series the rapport between her and Broots is wonderful to watch and I would have liked to see more of this interplay between them in the film. Oh and one more thing – that haircut!!!! Good grief – it gives new meaning to the phrase u0026quot;a bad hair dayu0026quot; and Michael T. Weissu0026#39;s barber should be hung drawn and quartered. I hope in the next film his hair looks more like it did in season four; even how it looks in season one is preferable to how it looked in this movie. Uugh.”


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